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Unhealthy Habits You Should Stop Doing

Some habits that we have gotten used to on a daily basis may be harmful to our health, especially our cognition. Knowing what these habits are and how these can affect your health can help you halt or avoid them. This is why we at Brooks Home Health Care, a provider of home care services … Continue reading

Senior Care: Love Aging, Love the Aged

In Susan Moon’s book called “This is Getting Old: Zen Thoughts on Aging with Humor and Dignity”, she said, “It annoys me when people say, ‘Even if you’re old, you can be young at heart!’ Hiding inside this well-meaning phrase is a deep cultural assumption that old is bad and young is good. What’s wrong … Continue reading

4 Important Health Habits for Seniors

Keeping our senior loved ones healthy is far from an easy task. We’ll have to arrange their medications, dental appointments, physicals – the list just goes on and on. And as a family caregiver, our health could suffer from constantly putting our senior loved ones first. Seniors who take matters of their health into their … Continue reading

5 Tactics to Get Your Senior Loved One to Eat

As family caregivers, part of your regular challenges is ensuring that your aging loved one is eating properly, on time, and with nutritious meals. However, some instances can make it difficult for them to eat. As a key provider of home care services in Huntsville, Alabama, let us share with you the following tips on … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a condition of the mind that causes memory loss and the eventual loss of control over bodily functions. This is a devastating condition that can cause the individual to forget who they are, where they are, and who is around them. There is currently no cure for this tragic illness but there are … Continue reading