Smart Ways to Keep Track of Medications

Medications are an integral part of treating chronic illnesses, especially for seniors who experience health deterioration that comes with aging. It is also prescribed by healthcare professionals to help prevent the onset of certain illnesses. For some older adults with several health conditions, it entails the need to take multiple medications. With the home care … Continue reading

Smart Home Hub: Making Your Home Smarter

Our life changes as we age. Beyond the physical changes, other aspects of our well-being are also affected. From personal abilities to doing one’s personal care, our senior loved one may need additional support from the family or caregivers. Brooks Home Health Care provides reliable home care services in Huntsville, Alabama. We accommodate different conditions … Continue reading

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Tricks to Make Healthy Foods Appetizing for the Elderly

Nutrition is at the core of many condition-specific senior home care services in Huntsville, Alabama. Along with meds and therapies, the right foods play a huge role in helping the elderly maintain their overall wellness. Why does it matter to make foods extra appetizing for the elderly? Are your beloved seniors taking maintenance medications? Are … Continue reading

3 Smart Tech Devices for Seniors

When we think about smartphones and smart home technology, we usually picture millennials making their spaces as convenient and smart as possible. However, boomers and seniors are also enthusiastic in these technological innovations making their independent lives easier, safer, and healthier. If you’re new to smart technology, here are 3 smart devices for our parents … Continue reading

Why Choose Adult Day Care Services?

Normally, Adult Daycare facilities provide the caregiving family or relative relief and break from his or her duties for the day. But now, this provides seniors a chance to interact with others through structured and specially designed set of activities. With maximum opportunity to interact, Adult daycare services help mitigate factors associated with increased dependency, … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy at Home Amid the Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, many care professionals from adult day habilitation in Alabama have been recommending everyone, especially seniors, to practice self-care in the best way. Nutritious meals are always essential to strengthen the immune system. However, some senior adults find it hard to cook due to certain health conditions. As a result, they … Continue reading