5 Tips: How to Improve Sleeping Habits for Seniors

As our loved one gets older, sleeping can become more challenging. Yet, attaining ample hours of sleep every day is helpful for their overall health. So how do we overcome sleep challenges for our aging loved ones? Being a provider of adult day care in Madison County, AL, we have the following tips for you. … Continue reading

5 Key Benefits of Exercises for Seniors

If your senior loved one has enough time to exercise, a lot of aspects in their health can be improved. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, even seniors with chronic illnesses can have their conditions improved because of exercising. As your trusted partner in providing adult day care in Madison County, AL, we … Continue reading

4 Important Health Habits for Seniors

Keeping our senior loved ones healthy is far from an easy task. We’ll have to arrange their medications, dental appointments, physicals – the list just goes on and on. And as a family caregiver, our health could suffer from constantly putting our senior loved ones first. Seniors who take matters of their health into their … Continue reading

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Caregiver Support: How to Manage Caregiver Stress

Family caregivers shoulder the responsibility of looking after their sick, aging or disabled family members. Many of these family caregivers feel the enormity of their responsibility, often suffering from the stress associated with caregiving. When the process of providing assistance for a loved one’s personal care or other daily activities become stressful, below are some … Continue reading

5 Tactics to Get Your Senior Loved One to Eat

As family caregivers, part of your regular challenges is ensuring that your aging loved one is eating properly, on time, and with nutritious meals. However, some instances can make it difficult for them to eat. As a key provider of home care services in Huntsville, Alabama, let us share with you the following tips on … Continue reading

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What Can You Do to Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a condition of the mind that causes memory loss and the eventual loss of control over bodily functions. This is a devastating condition that can cause the individual to forget who they are, where they are, and who is around them. There is currently no cure for this tragic illness but there are … Continue reading

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