5 Tactics to Get Your Senior Loved One to Eat

5 Tactics to Get Your Senior Loved One to Eat

As family caregivers, part of your regular challenges is ensuring that your aging loved one is eating properly, on time, and with nutritious meals. However, some instances can make it difficult for them to eat. As a key provider of home care services in Huntsville, Alabama, let us share with you the following tips on how to encourage an aging person to eat:

  1. Prepare Water During Meals
    Your senior loved one will need water every meal time as this can help them to swallow better. Ensure that water is very accessible for your loved one.
  2. Prepare Easy-to-swallow Meals
    When your senior family member has difficulty in eating, chewing, or swallowing their food, help them prepare easy-to-swallow versions. Cut the food in smaller and thinner slices or mix them in with soup, broth, or smoothie.
  3. Bring them to Checkups
    A personal care provider can also assist you or your loved one during checkups. These appointments are important for you to know if your senior family member has medical issues that affect their appetite so that these can be intervened the sooner the better.
  4. Ask for Their Suggestions
    Your senior loved one will also have food preferences. Ensure that you ask them what they want to eat so you can prepare exactly what they want. This way, they can be interested to eat more because this is what they want.
  5. Eat with Others
    Whether eating indoors or outdoors, eating with friends or family members can be very enticing for your senior loved one’s appetite. To accompany them when you’re not around for a day, our adult day care in Madison County, AL can help them have quality companions for your aging loved ones.

When it comes to the eating habits of your senior loved one, it’s very important for you to identify proactive ways to really encourage them to eat. We hope that the above-mentioned tips can help. At Brooks Home Health Care, you can partner with us in providing the quality care for your loved one.

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