Encouraging Your Senior to Bathe


It is not easy to be the primary caregiver. Whether you are a loved one providing care to an elderly relative or a caregiver working in home care services in Huntsville, Alabama, there are days when seniors get a bit difficult to care for.

Personal care services like bathing and changing face a lot of defiance from elderly patients, and it is understandable why. It can be uncomfortable to need other people’s help to perform everyday tasks. Even caregivers experienced in elder care can struggle to get their patients to peacefully comply with bath times. But baths are necessary to protect your elderly loved one from illnesses and infections. So how do you convince a reluctant senior to do it?

Brooks Home Health Care is well-versed in providing comfort and care to the elderly, and we’re here to give a few useful tips. Take a look:

  • Know their reasons.

    Each senior has a reason why they don’t want to bathe. This could be due to awkwardness, embarrassment, or pain and discomfort. Know your senior’s reasons and tailor your approach from there.

  • Show them you’re on their side.

    Saying things like “let’s make sure you get a bath today” or “let’s hop into the shower before we go for that mall trip” will show your senior that you are simply showing them that you care.

  • Make baths easier.

    Bathrooms can be scary and dangerous places for seniors. Slipper floors and standing showers can put your senior at risk for falls. Make bath times easier and safer by investing in bathroom aids and equipment.

These were all our best tips for encouraging seniors to take their baths. If you’re looking for adult day habilitation in Alabama, feel free to give us a call at 256-469-6659 to learn more.

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