Programs and activities for your care and leisure.

Weekend and Overnight Respite is Back!! Call now for reservations at 256-652-0557.

Our Facilityfront view of the house

Adult Day Care Service

Daily activities and care include:

  1. Safe and Stimulating Activities
  2. Personal Care Assistance
  3. Media Center
  4. Nutritious Meals and Help with Special Dietary Needs
  5. A Safe, Accessible Environment
  6. Arts and Crafts
  7. Movement/Music
  8. Exercise Classes- Range in Motion
  9. Song Fest
  10. Gardening
  11. Bird Feeding
  12. Outings
  13. Outdoor Activities
  14. Games (Computer, Word Puzzle, Karaoke, Books Magazine)
  15. Grooming Activity

Additional Services Including:

  1. Non-Emergency Transportation
  2. Hair and Beauty services- Nails, spa, barber, etc.
  3. Doctor or other Appointments
  4. Bathing Services

Overnight Respite Services- Adult

Overnight Respite:

Brooks Home Health Care’s overnight respite service is a new program that allows clients to stay overnight at our facility.

When caregivers need to go out of town or cannot stay with their loved ones overnight for another reason, overnight respite offers a safe, comfortable alternative. Participants in Overnight Respite will have the benefit of the amenities of the day program, plus a comfortable bedroom at night that’s designed to feel like home. Medical Staff will be available to monitor your loved one’s care.

To learn more about the availability of our adult day hab services, overnight respite services, as well as our home care services in Huntsville, Alabama and rates, please give us a call.