Overnight Respite Care to the Rescue

Overnight Respite Care to the Rescue

Looking for a place where your senior loved one can stay overnight while you go elsewhere to deal with other things? Brooks Home Health Care offers an overnight respite service program that allows the elderly or homebound to stay overnight at our facility while their caregivers need to go out of town for other reasons. In a safe and comfortable environment, we provide the amenities of the day program, as well as a comfortable bedroom designed to feel cozy and secure like home. Medical staff will be available to monitor your loved one’s condition, as well.

Other than our overnight respite service, we also offer a quality program for adult day habilitation in Alabama.

The adult day care services we provide include, but are not limited to safe and stimulating activities, arts and crafts, movement/music activities, exercise classes, songfests, gardening, bird feeding, outings, outdoor activities, games (computer, word puzzle, etc.), non-emergency transportation, hair and beauty services, and more.

Our team also provides personal care assistance such as grooming, bathing, and preparing nutritious meals, as well as help with special dietary needs.

For more information about our programs and facility, please feel free to contact us at any time. We also offer home care services in Huntsville, Alabama.

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