Smart Home Hub: Making Your Home Smarter

Smart Home Hub: Making Your Home Smarter

Our life changes as we age. Beyond the physical changes, other aspects of our well-being are also affected. From personal abilities to doing one’s personal care, our senior loved one may need additional support from the family or caregivers.

Brooks Home Health Care provides reliable home care services in Huntsville, Alabama. We accommodate different conditions such as limited mobility, reduced visions, risk of falls, and needs for leisurely activities. When our senior loved one chooses to remain at home, the family may raise questions on security and safety. Fortunately, technology can help build a safer and more secure home for the loved one, achieving this through smart devices that make your home “smarter”.

A smart home hub is a network of different devices that collects or obtains information on behalf of humans. Information or requests are then processed as programed or as designed.

Devices include small sensors, smoke alarms, discreet cameras, and voice-activated speakers. These devices make everyday life seem normal – with added convenience, safety, and security features.

Family members no longer need to worry about potential falls with small sensors installed in key areas. Impaired vision or decreased mobility can be covered with voice-activated speakers.

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