Strategies to Manage Joint Pain in Seniors


Joint swelling and inflammation, which are symptoms of arthritis, usually get worse as people age. Fortunately, there are many day-to-day things seniors can do to manage their condition. In addition to receiving home care services, these simple strategies can reduce symptoms and provide relief to improve their health and quality of life.

As a leading adult day care in Alabama, we will share some strategies to manage joint pain:

  • Keep a journal of symptoms.

    Caregivers can assist in care management by monitoring when and where pain occurs. They should also keep track of medication taken, foods eaten, and any movement or physical activity. By keeping a journal of this information, your senior’s healthcare provider can identify patterns to help manage symptoms and adjust their treatment plan as necessary.

  • Encourage regular movement.

    Although it can be challenging to stay physically active with arthritis, regular movement can help ease joint pain. Even small bursts of motion throughout the day go a long way and can help improve symptoms. That may entail chair stretching exercises or laps around the house.

  • Protect the joints.

    Joint injuries can worsen arthritis symptoms. Hence, opt for activities that are easier on the joints, like cycling, walking, or swimming. Low-impact exercises have a lower risk of injury and put less stress on the joints. They are also easier to perform daily and can help seniors manage weight to reduce joint stress.

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