3 Smart Tech Devices for Seniors

3 Smart Tech Devices for Seniors

When we think about smartphones and smart home technology, we usually picture millennials making their spaces as convenient and smart as possible. However, boomers and seniors are also enthusiastic in these technological innovations making their independent lives easier, safer, and healthier.

If you’re new to smart technology, here are 3 smart devices for our parents and senior loved ones listed to you by Brooks Home Health Care, your trusted Home Care Services in Huntsville, Alabama:

  1. Smart home hub.
    Voice-activated devices prove exceptionally beneficial for people living with mobility challenges, including the aging generation. They significantly cut down on the number of times seniors have to invest in learning how to use a new device. With only their voice, seniors can have information at their fingertips, easily connect with loved ones, control thermostats, and lock doors. In case of emergency, they can call for help through a smart speaker.
  2. Smart lights.
    Falls are the number one cause of injury in seniors. But with smart lights, this risk can be reduced as it is the easiest way to turn on the light before getting out of bed at night, for example. Programmed through voice-command, they can just address “Alexa” or “Google” to turn on the lights.
  3. Smart medication dispensers.
    As we all know, seniors frequently have several medicines they have to remember and take at specific times throughout the day. However, forgetting to take one at the right time or taking the wrong dosage could lead to serious health complications.

Smart medication dispensers, such as MedMinder and Reminder Rosie automate the process allowing your loved one to take the right medicine at the right time, every day. This leads them to need lesser Personal Care in taking their medication.

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