Skin Care Tips for Elderly Loved Ones at Home


Maintaining personal hygiene is one of the basic tasks for personal care for seniors. Maintaining hygiene ensures that seniors achieve cleanliness to prevent health complications resulting from poor hygiene, as seniors are more vulnerable to various health complications at home.

One way seniors can maintain personal hygiene is by practicing skin care. While the skin is a large organ designed to protect the body from foreign objects, it can deteriorate when it does not receive care. As a provider of adult day care in Alabama, allow us to share skin care tips for elders at home.

  • Bathe regularly

    Bathing is a basic activity that promotes skin cleanliness. Seniors need to bathe every day to maintain skin cleanliness and overall hygiene. However, it can be a problem when seniors have mobility issues that may affect their functioning, especially with bathing. Seniors should rely on home care services dedicated to assisting seniors with bathing.

  • Hydrate and moisturize the skin

    Dry skin leads to irritation or itchiness. Skin irritation can lead to pain and wounds that may affect skin quality. When seniors are dehydrated, it can lead to skin dryness. They may have caregivers to address their skin dryness at home. In addition, using skin products to address dryness can help.

  • Check for signs of skin problems

    If your loved one is showing signs of skin problems, it is best to seek immediate professional help. Immediate action prevents further skin complications.

Protect your loved one’s skin quality with the help of our home health care in Huntsville, Alabama. Contact us at Brooks Home Health Care if you need assistance in maintaining your loved one’s hygiene at home.

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