Strategies to Help Maintain Good Nutrition in Aging Adults


Good nutrition is as important in the golden years, just as it was during younger days. However, inadequate nutrition was and is still a widespread health concern among the aging population. It is caused by multiple factors like loss of appetite, difficulty chewing and/or swallowing, loss of physical strength or mobility, chronic conditions and medications, and so much more. As part of our home care services in Huntsville, Alabama, we take joy in providing services to our elderly loved ones to help combat senior malnutrition.

Given a passion for caregiving and a desire to help others, Brooks Home Health Care is composed of compassionate and skilled caregivers in delivering quality meal preparation and assistance services in the comfort and safety of home. But firstly, our care team, along with the family members, will coordinate with the doctors, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals involved in creating an appropriate meal plan. Afterward, our caregivers will take action in delivering personal care in Madison County, Alabama, for our seniors at home.

We have also listed mealtime strategies that can help maintain and improve nutrition in the elderly.

  • Planning and preparing meals with nutrient-rich foods that include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, and lean meats.
  • Since many elders have a decreased sense of taste and smell, using herbs and spices to add flavor to meals can improve interest in eating.
  • Serving smaller, more frequent healthy meals and snacks help avoid seniors from getting overwhelmed with large servings.
  • When necessary and recommended by a healthcare professional, using nutrition supplements can also address nutrient deficiency in older adults.

For more nutrition information, dial 256-469-6659 or reach out to our adult day care in Madison County, AL today!

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