Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors with Limited Mobility


For many of our elders, maintaining an active lifestyle is a challenge. This is especially true for seniors with limited mobility. In addition to home care services, daily exercise is necessary to age well. Low-impact exercises are a good option as they provide a way to stay active without putting too much stress on the body.

As a leading provider of home health care in Huntsville, Alabama, we will share a few low-impact exercises for seniors with limited mobility:

  • Walking

    Walking is a simple way to get back into shape. It offers a great way to stay active as it puts less stress on the joints. Caregivers can accompany seniors on daily strolls around the neighborhood. Walking also burns calories, tones the legs, and helps ease joint pain.

  • Swimming

    Swimming is considered a full-body workout as you move your body against the resistance of the water. This makes it an accessible workout for seniors with joint conditions like arthritis. It also builds endurance and can help improve heart and lung strength.

  • Cycling

    Cycling is considered a cardio activity that gives the legs a workout. This strengthens the legs without putting too much strain on the joints. It is also a non-weight-bearing activity as it entails using a bicycle to stabilize one’s balance. This lowers the risk of injury by taking the weight off the joints.

Brooks Home Health Care is your go-to home care provider and adult day care in Alabama. We offer a wide range of services provided by our team of professionals to ensure your senior loved one’s needs are met. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about our services.

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