Here’s How to Help Improve a Senior’s Sleeping Habits

Here’s How to Help Improve a Senior’s Sleeping Habits

It is common for seniors to have trouble sleeping. After all, sleeping difficulty is one of the most common age-related conditions. There are many causes of sleeping troubles, which include chronic diseases, pain, and dementia.

If you’re a family caregiver, you could use these tips on how to improve your loved one’s sleeping habits.

  • Understanding Sleep ChangesAs a provider of home care services in Huntsville, Alabama, we know that a lot of seniors have changing sleep patterns. For this reason, you need to know what kind of sleep changes your loved one experience. This way, you can help them adjust to the changes to accommodate better sleep.
  • Get a CheckupIt is also important to know if the sleeping problems are not caused by any physical or mental issues. Only the doctor can provide this diagnosis. So accompany your loved one for a checkup. If ever an illness causes their sleeping difficulty, their doctor can prescribe medications.
  • Establish a RoutineWith the help of personal care providers, create a daily routine that facilitates a better sleep schedule. Let them sleep at the same time every night and also wake up at the same time. This routine promotes better sleep quality.
  • ExerciseThe sedentary lifestyle is another factor why our aging loved ones don’t feel sleepy that easily. So, arrange for them to go out for a walk every day. You can also let them attend activities in a center that provides adult day care in Madison County, AL. The more engaged they are in the day, the more their body will long for sleep in the night.
  • Create Sleeping StrategiesSome of these include playing calming music, setting the bedroom light dimmer, or putting lavender scent inside the room. These strategies can promote relaxation.

Do you need further help in caring for your senior loved one? Ask us about our elderly care services at Brooks Home Health Care.

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